Aminata Touré, Green Social Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, is observing a sharp decline in the number of refugees. She wants to reduce the number of refugee places in the country accordingly.

Schleswig-Holstein’s Social Minister Aminata Touré (Greens) wants to have fewer refugee places in the country’s initial reception in the future. Fewer refugees have recently come to Schleswig-Holstein, the minister told the Schleswig-Holsteinische Zeitungsverlag (SHZ, Saturday). “The numbers are super low, that’s an effect of the border controls.”

According to the information, more than 2,000 refugees came to the north in the first three months of 2023, and in 2024 there were only a good 1,500. Almost all of the seven initial receptions in the country were half empty. According to the newspaper, the initial admissions this week had 8,380 places, of which 4,612 were occupied.

“We created the additional places as part of the Ukraine emergency loans, which expire at the end of the year,” said the Green politician. Given the budget situation, the country cannot afford to leave a large number of accommodations empty. Instead, according to their concept, 6,000 active places should be kept available – with a quota of several thousand inactive places, “which can be increased very quickly”. She now wants to discuss the concept with the municipalities.

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