Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) does not want to visit the Documenta art exhibition this year. This is reported by the “Jewish General” on Wednesday. The reason for this are anti-Jewish images that could be seen on a work of art by the Indonesian artist group Taring Padi that has since been removed.

The Federal Chancellor finds “the said image in Kassel disgusting and considers it completely correct and appropriate to remove this poster,” said a government spokeswoman for the “Jewish General”. In his opinion, “there is no place in Germany for anti-Semitic depictions, not even at an art exhibition”.

Scholz also demands consequences. The Documenta management must “face their responsibility for this process and examine themselves,” said the government spokeswoman. It is surprising that it could have come to this at all: “In the run-up to this renowned exhibition, there were a whole series of warnings – it is all the more irritating that this scandal has nevertheless happened.”

Scholz has “probably not missed a documenta in the past 30 years,” said the spokeswoman.

A work called “People’s Justice” by the Indonesian artist collective caused a wave of outrage. The installation features, among other things, a soldier with a pig’s face. He wears a scarf with a Star of David and a helmet with the inscription “Mossad” – the name of the Israeli foreign intelligence service.

Those responsible for the Documenta initially decided to cover the work with black panels of fabric. It was completely dismantled on Tuesday evening.