School play about Auschwitz in Poland caused a scandal

Some in prison clothes, others in the form of the SS. In Poland, there was a scandal because in a school setting. How the audience received the play and what impact he has caused?

These photos were taken in one of the Polish schools. In the pictures the pupils. Two older suits of officers — officers of the SS. Leather coats, armband with a swastika… Six younger children, in prison uniforms, the inmates.

the Dance, as it was called in school, put on motives of events in the Auschwitz concentration camp and was timed to the assignment of the school for children of Samoidin.

steel Decorations the interior of the sports hall of the school. As for realism, the performances on stage even blew smoke. Obviously, this is an analogy with the substance Zyklon B used in concentration camps. After that, the children playing prisoners, literally collapsed on the floor.

the concert was not only invited parents. The hall also sat the veterans, clergy and politicians: Deputy Minister of defense, Deputy Minister of education and member of the ruling party Tomasz Zielinski. He liked the show: “It was very moving and thoughtful performance. It was almost theatrical. We were reminded that children also were in concentration camps and they died there. I do not see any contradictions”.

After the number one of the fathers came on the scene and stated that Poland deserves from Germany compensations. And parents and teachers applauded. But the Auschwitz Museum for their enthusiasm for the performances did not share: “the Idea is to put children of this age in the form of SS and make them scenes of horrible death. Adults who organized it, lack the basic sensitivity required to teach children is such a difficult and tragic history”.

Meanwhile, in the Polish Twitter has started a real debate on how education in schools. “How the teacher could have made this statement?”, “Fire the Director!”, “The defenders of the spectacle, and probablyhav e problems with intelligence” – that is only a small part of the review. Ask questions about the motives of such speeches directly to the school decided Polish politician Monika Pavlovska. To the Director of the school, she wrote a letter in which I decided to remind you that freedom is including the responsibility for the education of everyone, especially children. And the choice of the form and context in such sensitive topics – perhaps the most important thing.

In the end, the monitoring center of a racist and xenophobic behaviour has accused the school of “in the public call to violence against people with leftist views”. Notice the organization has sent to local law enforcement. Find check guilty – hard to say. But the hope is that the school will reject such ideas, at least.