Schroeder has called US sanctions against the

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder harshly criticized the US sanctions against the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. He called these restrictions interference in the internal Affairs of Germany.

According to Schroeder, Washington seeks to determine whether Germany could conduct trade with and who not.

“We should not accept it. We are not the 51st state of the USA”, – quotes the ex-Chancellor RIA Novosti.

Schroeder added that Berlin does not impose sanctions against the United States in the framework of the law on support of human rights on the U.S.-Mexican border, and “the reasons for this would be”.

on December 20 the President of the United States Donald trump signed the defense budget by 2020. It provided sanctions against the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” and “Turkish stream”. The US demanded from companies, leading them strip, to immediately stop the construction.

Earlier, on 31 December, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the American sanctions against the pipeline brazen interference in the Affairs of European businesses.

“and the stream-2” includes the construction of two pipelines from the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. Their capacity, the total capacity will be 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year.