Science in search: Google has summed up year

Google has summed up year in the search. Tell, what most of all interested Network users in the past 2019. The Correspondent Of “Vesti.Science” ( also asked that residents of Russia asked the search engine for science and education.

At the press conference, journalists and bloggers reminisced about the “miracle in a cornfield”, the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the events that unfolded this year around the “Area 51”. All these events interested to the users. In addition, did not remain without attention of our fellow citizens and election of the President of Ukraine, the football match Russia – Belgium and the battle of Habib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier.

Travel happen in our lives not as often as I would like, but shows to watch every night.Illustration “Conduct.Science”.

Also this year, there was another historic event: ended one of the most famous series ever “Game of thrones”. Fans responded to the final episodes is ambiguous and discussed them for a few months.

Another significant event 2019 – the release of American TV series “Chernobyl”. For obvious reasons, he took in search of second place. Russians and residents of former Soviet republics liked that it was filmed without an explicit “cranberry”, and practically documented accurately recounts the events at Chernobyl that happened in 1986. If Chernobyl was watching mostly young people, which was also interesting the new season of “strange cases” that the older generation liked the Turkish series “Windy”, which rounded out the top three. In fact, behind him in the top 10 included several “compatriots”.

What books have interested users in 2019 the most?
1) John Boyne “the Boy in the striped pajamas”
2) Korney Chukovsky “Fly-Tsokotukha”
3) Stace Kramer “50 days before my suicide”
4) Anna Todd “After”
5) Alexander Pushkin “captain’s daughter”
6) Victor Hugo “Notre Dame Cathedral”
7) Alexander Pushkin “the Song of wise Oleg”
8) Alexander Polar “Peppermint fairy tale”
9) Stephen king “pet Cemetery”
10) Jen Sincero “No Sy”

this year the world has left the legendary artists, musicians and representatives of the fashion industry: singer Julia Nachalova, the rapper Decl, fashion Director of TSUM Alla werber and the journalist Sergei Dorenko. They became “People of the year” together with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Vladimir Zelensky, Bari by Alibasova and Egor Zhukov, Ivan by Holonovel and Pavel Ustinov.

they All appear in a very sentimental video dedicated to summing up the expiring year.

By the way, the video was not only professional, but also Amateur videos. The video accompanies the cover song “You’re a man,” which in due time Evgenie Krylatov and Yuri Entin wrote for the film “the adventures of electronics”. The new version was created by a group SBPCH.

as for science and education, we decided to learn about what inventions Google asked the people of Russia and what universities is located in the top of queries to the users.

the Most popular queries for “University/Institute” were:
1) St. Petersburg state pediatric medical University
2) Gubkin Russian state University of oil and gas named I. M. Gubkin
3) Tyumen state medical University
4) the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
5) Moscow Polytechnic University
6) Saint-Petersburg humanitarian University of trade unions
7) Moscow open Institute
8) Pskov state University
9) Ural state mining University

As you can see, the top universities in the list. That, however, looks quite logical, as in “most-most” universities supplied only part of the population of our the vast country.

the Users, among other things, asked where and how to proceed for higher education.Photo Global Look Press.

users of the Runet was very interested in the following inventions and their authors.

Most popular queries for “who invented”:
1) bra
2) a pressure cooker
3) light bulb
4) the boiler
5) phone
6) wipers (they “wipers”
7) radio
8) the microwave

We decided to dig a little deeper and learned how to create those or other technical solutions that can now be found in almost any home.

rather curious history of the wipers (they “wipers”). Not all know that the invention belongs to the woman. Talented in many areas of life Mary Anderson invented a system of cleaning the glass from rain and snow when we rode the tram back in 1902. Her innovation differed from the previous ones that had the spring and really effectively cleaned the window. In 1903, Mary received a patent for his invention, but the commercial benefits are not received.

In 1920 the term of the patent expired, and already in 1922, Cadillac became the first automaker that began to install on their machines, the wiper design of Mary Anderson in as standard equipment.

In 1926 appeared the first wiper with electric. In mass production they were first introduced, Bosch, engineers which subsequently have greatly improved design and continue to do so until now.

By the way, today such solutions to everyday problems that anyone, even not too brilliant people can come up with literally on the move, take part in a variety of design and engineering competitions.

the Design of the well-known “janitors” was invented by a woman.Photo Global Look Press.

it Is believed that the microwave was first invented by American engineer Percy Spencer working at Raytheon, specializing in the creation of technology for the military (as in those years, and now).

the Technology was patented in 1946 and the first microwave oven was released in 1947. It was used only for defrosting products and exclusively military. Still, it weighed such a miracle-the device is about 350 kilograms and the height was comparable to the height of a man. By the way, modern household microwave ovens (introduced in 1955, the series was started in 1962) inferior to it in power only twice.

But the bra, the light bulb and the pressure cooker was not invented. These decisions become a kind of group.

Text: To.Science