Scientists estimate how much vaccine is needed for development of immunity to COVID-19

One of the most promising viral vaccines – development of the Novosibirsk scientific center “Vector”. As working on a drug that will make the virus manageable and will help to form a strong collective immunity to COVID-19?

Nursery research center “Vector”: here contain hundreds of laboratory animals – irreplaceable assistants to scientists during a pandemic. Mice, ferrets and monkeys, the first tests are they. You need to ensure complete safety of the vaccine, and no side effects. For this, they use specially bred animals.

“This mouse is linear, they all breeding crosses only brother and sister. This is to ensure that there was a homogeneous genotype”, – told about the features of the laboratory animals laboratory head of small linear animal center of Virology “Vector” Galina Stolyarova.

Preclinical animal studies have already shown good results. Scientists have determined safe, the prototypes, dose and method of administration of a future vaccine.

“We go into a clean area, so be sure to need to get changed and put on here are protective clothing, demonstrate the correspondent Kirill Vorobev. – The airlock should stand for 2 minutes, so we dusted the air.”

the Substance, which is first administered to the animals, and soon will enter and people create here, in a clean area. In the work of several variants vaccine. Peptide does not contain a live virus, the culture – on the contrary. Before you pour them into the vials, it is necessary to allocate the necessary amount of viral material.

“depending on what the calculated working volume bioreactor, we can get some of this virusdatabase material 5, 10, 100 liters. And 100 liters – this is not one dose,” – said Deputy General Director for scientific and production work of the Center of Virology “Vector” Elena Nechaeva.

This is not oneand, as hundreds of thousands of doses. In the vial had spilled the first trial batch. Vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 – here it is, one of the candidate vaccines, which are already accumulated in the right amount to begin clinical trials.

human Trials planned to start July 15. 300 volunteers have already been selected. Natalia – the employee of Vector, and for her this is not the first clinical study.

“the First tests we’ve passed, passed, waiting for the next stage. We are constantly in communication with doctors, with the doctors who are watching us,” – said the volunteer Natalia Demchenko.

Now the admission test only for the most healthy people from 18 to 30 years. To study how the vaccine affects the other, scientists will be in the next stage. Vector bundles of letters come from all over the country wanting a lot.

“the Vaccine will need to be tested in people at risk, I offer to do this himself,” this is a letter from the invalid of the second group.

the Objective of a vaccine is to form a strong collective immunity in all populations. To understand how many people need to be vaccinated, to count how many have been ill, then to determine the number of vials necessary for the country.

“Will be determined by the number of doses needed to vaccinate the required number of the population to generate herd immunity. According to our estimates, it will be about 70 million doses of vaccine,” – said General Director of the Center of Virology “Vector” Rinat Maksyutov.

to Run the Russian vaccine in mass production is scheduled in autumn this year.