Scientists: fish and crab sticks pose serious harm

Scientists from the University of California found that the production of seafood resulting in serious environmental pollution. According to them, production for processing of fish into fish sticks, fillets and artificial crab meat “surimi” are the source of significant greenhouse gas emissions.

the results of the study emphasize the need for an integrated approach to the analysis of the impact of the food sector on climate. Thus, the data indicates that the processing after Alaska Pollock catch almost doubles the emissions produced by fishing.

the Experts reviewed in detail the full impact on the climate of the seafood supply chain — from raw material extraction to retail. The result has been defined “hot spots” of this industry that we must act to reduce the harmful effects on the climate.

So, transoceanic carriers of seafood can apply on their ships is not cheap and low-quality bunker fuel, as it is now, which produces a large quantity of sulphur, and safer for the environment. Sulfur dioxide is one of the main air pollutants, and excess of admissible concentration of this gas in the atmosphere causes respiratory diseases, heart and vascular, cancer.