Scientists looked at the world

What version of the coronavirus, when and by whom was brought into the country, where you can wait for a new outbreak and how scientists helps “gene tree” COVID-19 – about it on air of TV channel “Russia 24” said the doctor of biological Sciences, head of the sector for molecular evolution, Institute of information transmission problems, Russian Academy of Sciences, Skoltech Professor Georgy Bazykin.

He said that Russian scientists were able to build an evolutionary tree of the coronavirus. Summarizing the data about the sequence of introduction and spread of the virus in Russia, they confirmed the previously expressed theory that besides “patient zero”, who first brought the virus into the country, and from which it spread across the territory, there were many options importations of the virus in Russia. If the infection took place in the first scenario, the “genetic tree of the virus” would have only one branch. Moreover, the appearance of each new “branch” gives the exact Dating of the events and, as a result, allows scientists more time to independently learn the speed at which evolyutsioniruet this virus, and gives an estimate of the date when it arose in the human population.

“From the study it is clear that the vast majority of cases of importation of the virus in Russia is importation from Europe. This distinguishes Russia from the United States of America, where most of the importations were earlier dates and they were all from China,” said Bazykin and confirmed the previously expressed view that the operational closure of the border with China allowed to delay the flash COVID-19 in Russia.

Informed Bazykin told about how often you have to update the vaccine for coronavirus, and that different countries might receive different variant of the virus.