Scientists reported a

the Center “Amur Tiger” announced the new addition to the family of Svetlaya living in the reserve “crane” located in the Jewish Autonomous region.

a camera trap placed in the territory of the protected area, depicting a tigress with three cubs. In the Center note that it is the second brood of Light, released in natural habitat in 2014.

Also recently in the reserve were born tiger cubs at the tiger from Lazo, which was returned to the wild after rehabilitation in 2018.

“In the fatherhood suspected tiger Boris”, — stressed in the press service of the Center “Amur Tiger”, Recalling that Boris was released in 2014 with the participation of Vladimir Putin and “moved to the neighboring region for the sake of love, creating a couple with Light”.

In connection with the birth of cubs is planned to strengthen the protection of areas of their habitat, to ensure the safety of kids and their parents.

Experts note that the systematic appearance of the offspring of tigers and measures for the rehabilitation of animals with the subsequent return of tigers in the wild, bearing fruit – now in EAO there are already up to a dozen tigers.