Scientists: the Tunguska catastrophe could have caused the deaths of several species of birds in the Urals

the Tunguska catastrophe could have caused the deaths of several species of birds. To this unexpected conclusion modern scholars, the correspondent GTRK “southern Ural”.

a Hypothesis put forward by Hungarian ornithologist. As evidence he cited the example of the so-called goose Sushkin, which Russian specialist described back in 1897, but in 30 years their number has sharply declined, and soon the view and the stops referred to. This in turn gave reason to assume that he has completely died out in consequence of the Tunguska catastrophe. However, as writes RIA “Novosti”, scientists from Bashkiria with this version do not agree.

They cite the example of living in the southern Urals of the Curlew little one, which Sushkin did not mention – and that means that he died before the disaster. The same fate befell the middle of the Curlew, which nest on the vast territory. In favor of this option is the fact that many species of birds, not only on our continent, but in particular in North America disappeared just at this time, and these events are not connected.

Controversy still calls itself the Tunguska catastrophe. For example, scientists to this day are scratching their heads over the mystery of the origin of lake Cheko: it arose naturally or was the result of a meteorite? A definite answer to find still failed.

as the main is commonly considered a version that the Tunguska asteroid broke apart in the sky into two parts: one of them, the biggest, exploded in the air, and the smaller one fell to the Ground. Have a conscience. Is it possible to make noise in the new year’s eve

Text: STRC “South Ural”