Scientists told about the routes of the spread of coronavirus

Scholars of China have come to the conclusion that the transfer of a new type of coronavirus COVID-2019 from person to person began in November or early December last year, and at the seafood market “huanan” in Wuhan, the virus got from another place. Then it quickly spread to the market, and beyond.

Experts analyzed the genomic data of 93 samples of a new type of coronavirus, collected in 12 countries on four continents, as well as the sources of infection and ways of distribution. In the result, it was found that infecting someone on the market “huanan” could a “patient zero”. Thus, their findings confirmed the theory that the market was not the source of the coronavirus.

in addition, scientists claim that the disease has spread at least three routes, RIA Novosti reported.

was Able to install that directly with the Wuhan-mainly cases of infection in the other nine provinces and eleven countries. While in Guangdong province identified three possible sources of infection, in Chongqing and Taiwan — two. At the same time, it is proven that patients from Australia, France, Japan and the USA were at least two sources of contamination.

At the moment in China the number closer to 78 thousands who died 2360. According to experts, the Chinese economy may lose $ 60 billion, the total losses the global market can grow to $ 500 billion.