Scored the debts and abandoned the family found a teacher, but she ran away again

the TV channel “Russia 1” – the continuation of its own investigation of the disappearance of the governess of Helen Pikul, who has gained millions of debt and disappeared, leaving her husband and two children.

Earlier it was reported that she borrowed from relatives and friends large sums of money allegedly for the treatment of last stage cancer and even at the funerals of the children.

the woman’s Spouse Yuriy Pikul is now engaged in the restoration of documents and reissued on itself, the SIM card wife.

Even from parts of her correspondence, which had time to read the man, he can’t come in – so great a shock. However, he feared that Elena would abduct the children, and these fears are not in vain.

the First of June, she made contact with her husband from an unknown number saying she will take their daughter.

a Private detective found the woman in the Moscow district of Novokosino. According to his version, Elena sells other people’s things, because she had nothing to live for, and helps her in this old friend, whose name appears in the “mother” of the son of Pickles.

When women realized that they were discovered, they fled to one of the distant cities of the Moscow region.

What is the mystery connected with the birth of a son Pickles? Whether she got away with 10 million rubles, and if so, on what Elena spent the money?

Could the husband be in cahoots with her? What is the secret for more than 20 years to hide the teacher? And what said the woman, whose name appears in the” mother” of the birth certificate of the son of Pickles?

About the new track in the history of the disappeared money to educators – the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on TV channel “Russia 1”.