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Bacteria quickly develop resistance to antibiotics, and it takes time to figure out whether certain microbes are drug-resistant. Recently, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a “smart” bandage that changes color. Thus it signals the presence of dangerous bacteria. But its job does not end: after the detection of pathogens medical novelty destroying them. Chinese experts hope that their development will help to use antibiotics more rationally.

According to their idea of the bandage is starting to turn green, when it was applied to the wound. If it captures bacteria that are still sensitive to antibiotics, it becomes yellow for about four hours. If the bandage detects drug-resistant bacteria, he blushes.

the color Change is due to the chemicals which are impregnated bandage.

it is Known that an acidic environment is a good breeding ground for pathogens, which they imagine and create for life. Therefore, the patch contains a simple pH indicator that changes color upon detection of these bacteria.

in Addition, chemical nitrocefin (nitrocefin) turns red when it detects enzymes called beta-lactamases. The latter are manufactured of drug-resistant bacteria.

search and destroy a smart patch to cope with the infection 1Bandage turns yellow in the presence of drug-sensitive bacteria (first photo) and blush to find drug-resistant bacteria (second picture).Photo ACS Central Science.

All this allows doctors and patients to easily understand what they are dealing with, and to respond correctly. This kind of test helps to avoid antibiotics in cases where they are not needed. By the way, that irrational use of antibiotics contributed to the spread of drug-resistant bacteria.

this action bandage is not the end: it is able to not only detect pathogens, but also to deal with them. This is due to the presence of the antibiotic called ampicillin, and placed in nanomaterials that dissolve under the influence of acidic environment. They release the drug if necessary.

of Course, this will not help in the presence of resistant bacteria, but they are waiting for another “surprise”. The armband also features a material that reacts to bright light and emit active oxygen species. These molecules destroy or weaken germs, and after the antibiotics cause them a crushing blow.

Chinese scientists have tested the development on mice. They suffered from infections caused by drug-sensitive or drug-resistant strains of Escherichia coli.

the Bandage has changed color and was effective in killing both bacterial strains. In the future, scientists intend to test its effect on people.

Scientific article on the results of the study published in ACS Central Science.

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