According to information from WELT, an anonymous tip is said to have been the decisive factor for a raid on the Corona measures critic Paul Brandenburg. According to this, Brandenburg should have an assault rifle and offered shooting training. It was also claimed that Brandenburg had announced that he would defend himself if the authorities entered his home unannounced. Brandenburg denies the allegations.

The Brandenburg general practitioner and emergency physician became known during the pandemic with sharp criticism of the corona measures and the political decision-makers, which he expressed on talk shows, among other things. His statements had become more and more drastic over time; With regard to the exclusion of unvaccinated people through 2G measures and the institution-related vaccination obligation, he had described the government as “fascists”. In a video he showed how to falsify vaccination cards. The short message service “Twitter” had banned him from its platform.

Brandenburg, who claims his innocence, made the raid at the beginning of the week public via his Telegram channel with more than 24,000 followers. In the comments below the post, the Berlin police officers are insulted as “Gestapo” and “Stasi”. The doctor’s supporters accuse the real reason for the action against Brandenburg to be his criticism of the government. The criminal charges are fabricated.

According to information from WELT, Brandenburg received mail from Berlin state security at the beginning of April. The letter informed him that the intention was to have his firearms license and hunting license revoked and the weapons – four long guns and two handguns – he possessed taken away from him. The reason for this, the officials explained, were statements by Brandenburg about the pandemic, some of which posed a security risk and with which he called for civil disobedience. On the other hand, citizens who own guns have a duty to pay particular attention to state regulations. State security evidently had doubts about Brandenburg fulfilling this obligation.

Brandenburg was asked in the letter to take a position on the planned revocation of the gun owner’s license by the beginning of May. Through his lawyer, he requested an extension of the deadline and access to the files. Last Monday, SEK officers and other units – looking for an assault rifle – stormed Brandenburg’s apartment. The officers also entered the home of his mother and brother. A total of four homes and one vehicle were searched. According to information from WELT, the officials confiscated data carriers, an electric pulse device, an airgun, four long guns, ammunition, empty vaccination ampoules, adhesive labels and a blank vaccination card from Liechtenstein.

An assault rifle was not found. During the raid, Brandenburg is said to have been informed that the license to own guns had been revoked and that he had to hand over all the guns he legally owned. Police said two guns were found loaded. The police were initially unable to take two handguns with them. After the search, Brandenburg contacted the authorities and offered to hand over the weapons. As WELT learned, they are said to have been stored in a place for which there was no search warrant.

When asked by WELT, Brandenburg did not want to comment in detail, pointing out that he had been a sports shooter since he was 18 and had legally owned all weapons.