Serbia bought Russian air defense system

the Armed forces of Serbia have purchased a battery of six anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes “Carapace-C1”. To supply customers with all combat vehicles are planning to 2020, reports RIA Novosti news Agency with reference to own source.

Previously, these zrpk took part in the Serbian-Russian maneuvers “Slavic shield”. Then the President of the Republic Alexander Vucic mentioned that his country would like to purchase this service.

“Carapace-C1” – a system of air defense short range. Missiles used to intercept targets at distances up to 20 kilometers, and the effective range of fire from 30-mm cannons – 4 kilometers.

in addition, the Agency has been informed that Russian producers have collected 7 Mi-35 helicopters under contract with Nigeria. As soon as the buyers will transfer the money, they just send war machine. Only African country ordered 12 Mi-35.

multi-purpose attack helicopter Mi-35 is able to accelerate to 300 kilometers per hour, to fly up to 550 kilometers and take on Board more than 2 tons of weapons.

In the Arsenal of military machine consists of blocks of unguided 80-mm and 122-mm shells, guided missiles “Storm” and “Attack”, built-in 23 mm double-barreled gun mount NPPU-23.