Sergei Brilev: the desire Oreiro become a citizen of Russia — it is

Desire Natalia Oreiro become a Russian woman was commendable. About it on air of TV channel “Russia 24” said the TV host, President of the Institute of Bering-Bellingshausen (Uruguay), honorary citizen of Montevideo, Sergey Brilev. According to him, we all know the connection of the singer with our country, but this story is worth a look from a different angle.

Sergei Brilev said: bad is the Argentinian or Uruguayan, who do not have dual or even triple citizenship. The presenter drew attention to the fact that Italy and Spain, for example, is generous for such permission. As for Russia, there until recently operated the rule that for the formation of a Russian citizen to a foreigner need to move out of it. Brilev emphasized that many stopped, but now, for some, in particular residents of Uruguay, there are exceptions.

the TV Presenter also believes that the decision of Natalia Oreiro to become a citizen of Russia serves as a kind of advertising.

the intention of the Uruguayan actress and singer was previously known. According to Oreiro, she felt a spiritual connection with Russia as soon as I visited it twenty years ago. The artist is already about fifteen souvenir passports, but now she decided to get real.