Sergei Sobyanin about the coronavirus, the River station and kindergartens

In Moscow on 24 June, the Victory Parade was held. Prior to this, the capital seems to have fully recovered from pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 and returned to normal life, but the question remains, of course, a lot of not only us, but also with viewers of TV channel “Russia 24”. In direct contact with the Studio of Sergei Sobyanin.

– Mr Sobyanin, for Moscow now see many Russian regions, and Western colleagues, from the outset, staring effective or ineffective to behave the Moscow authorities during a pandemic. Now the city lives a full life for a week, even more. The capital worthy of a great Victory Parade for this holiday, by the way, is particularly worried this year. What results, in your opinion, given all these breaks, how are things in hospitals?

After three months of hard constraints, of course, we are psychologically hard to get used to normal life, expected some kind of trick, afraid, and suddenly something goes wrong, and suddenly there is a surge of coronavirus in Moscow and so on. Such anxiety is justified, because we see what is happening in other cities, in other cities of the world, regions of the world. The situation is not the same everywhere and disturbing. And of course, we are also excited about what was happening in Moscow. Because, as you rightly said, today it is obvious that life is getting back fully to the city: streets, transportation, back traffic jams on the roads. Traffic and public transit — a total of around 90% from last year’s traffic. This is a big traffic, is really great. Even if we consider that most of the residents went abroad on holiday as they planned and as they did last year, a little disparate figures. But, nevertheless, still is a huge traffic. Right that held such events as the Victory Parade, our parks and squares filled with people, restaurants, cafes, street verandas filled shopping centers. And of course, it is necessary to analyze what happenst, how it influenced the epidemiological situation in the city. I specifically asked to be sent the schedules of the major indicators that I see every day are my colleagues. It is not only newly diagnosed cases of the coronavirus, they are nowadays less than a thousand. Remember, we recently talked about the fact that well, they were already 6 thousand and 5 thousand. Then say: it is good that they are not 5 and 4 thousands, 3 thousands, and then the indicators fluctuated around 2.5 thousand, 2 thousand. And now left for the indicators about a thousand. We see that every week there is a decrease in patients with coronavirus, although the test coverage is not reduced. Moreover, PCR tests are somewhere around 48 thousand a day we do. In addition, we have deployed tens of thousands more ELISA-tests, which follow a screening situation in the city. If we see alert indicators, we recheck using PCR. The efficiency of PCR increases, because it works not just blind, she’s working on those groups that we see, we see that there is exactly a person is sick. However, over the last week on a 37% fall in detection rate. At the same time we see other indicators is the reduction of hospitalization, despite the fact that we have become more loyal to be hospitalized with less severe indicators in accordance with the procedures of the Ministry of health. And still there is a drop in the load beds. We have twice made a decision recently about reducing the number of beds that operates at COVID-19. The first decision — about 6 thousand beds immediately lowered, it’s just a huge figure. In order to understand “Kommunarka” — 600 total beds. That is, 10 such “Communeros” brought out “comignago” turnover. And just last week another 6 reduced. If there was some growth in the early stages, we, of course, just not been able to do it. Another may be a specific indicator is very important – we have a number of patients, the catwho are on the ventilator, for the week decreased by 21%. This is also good reduction. It figures that the reduced number of heavy, moderate, very severe patients, reduced the number of kovenig pneumonia. All these indicators give a comprehensive picture, which is impossible to manipulate, impossible to adjust them with it running the entire medical network: ambulance, outpatient clinics, hospitals, a huge number of doctors — all this gives an objective picture. This is evidence that despite all our concessions, open, number of diseases, their severity gradually decreases. God grant that it went on. Need to knock, though we don’t believe in luck, but just in case you…

– Yes, it does become superstitious after what happened. I really think that the last time Muscovites too relaxed. Because to the naked eye, it’s evident: you go to the store, a lot of people without masks, without gloves. And that is scary.

I support your concern, however you still need to try to comply with those requirements – mask mode especially, especially in transport, in commercial enterprises, at work, it is necessary to observe a mode. This is very important.

– How do you assess the readiness of the city to the upcoming vote. I remind you that 1 July is the main day. What accents do you do with the point of view of the organization process, with observers this year, more of them than usual?

– more of Them. More than 20 thousand observers. Role of the formation staff of the observers was given to the Public chamber, it formed not a squad, but two of the army observers that today, the first day of voting, when you can pre-vote early, went to the polls. All polling stations opened, work on the plan. In order to ensure the safety of voters, we spent the bollsoe the amount of testing members of the electorate commissions – 50% today, in the coming days will be 100%. Such a volume of tests, I assure you, most of all, we never find it. This is a huge amount of work. And plus, of course, must meet health requirements – how to work out how to ensure, disinfecting and so on. All these requirements are met. If you have some information about what it is not, of course, we will respond. E-voting, and today receives more than 300 thousand people who signed up for electronic voting.

– how you yourself will vote in electronic mode or I go to the site?

– of Course, I wanted to go to the polling station to show the safety of this vote. But since I, you see, and are active in hospitals, in cafes, in shopping malls, on the street, and so on, then accuse me that I am afraid to come to the polling station impossible. So I decided to come to the Public chamber and to vote in electronic form. Why? Because I want to try what it is considering the fact that a large number of Muscovites have chosen electronic voting system. More than one million people. Hope all goes well.

– You have listed some of the places that you are on duty now have to visit periodically… a Few questions we selected from our audience, from people on the street. Tell me, please, when shopping malls will open area food court?

– By and large, food everywhere openly. It now depends, rather, not from us but from themselves shopping malls, from their razvorachivat and the number of visitors, which they expect to take.

– Why medical schools are working normally and all others remotely? It is their own decision or the recommendation of the authorities?

– We still recommend to refrain from visiting of the educational instituvalues, universities and schools. First, will is the Unified state exam (use). Students, as a rule, now pass the session in remote mode. For medical schools there were no exceptions made, but most likely, maybe someone thought that it is not ready to such experiments. I would not advise to do that.

– Sergey Semenovich, people in sports, of course, missed all this time, it is a fact. Not the fact, of course, that the kids missed. But as we all understand, no matter the parents make. Opened playgrounds street, thank you very much. But if you can already resume classes child in the sports section or until it is necessary to wait?

– That decision themselves heads of agencies. Gradually open and the sports section. The amount of people who will be there to do it, too, is limited, depending on space, availability. But gradually, day by day, the number engaged in sports sections will also grow. Restrictions any special for they are not done, there are restrictions on health, which depend on the possible areas where it occurs.

– Mr Sobyanin, I would like to know, whether will earn the gardens this summer, in this year?

– we Have worked on-duty groups, and now the number of groups we have increased. Some administrative restrictions do not. The only, very serious requirements for the work in kindergartens to the staff, to the number of children in the group, so the threads are not crossed and so on. To date, about 50 thousand children already attend kindergarten, 80 thousand we see a request. This, incidentally, is better than last summer because the number of citizens who remained in Moscow, has not left — more than last summer. But, nevertheless, I would ask, if possible, if it doesn’t, it is better to refrain to drive the child in kindergarten, another adaptation period should pass, but if necessary, the kindergarten, of course, take your ReBanka necessary.

You recently told me that there are resources where you can see how many people are in the parks so make the decision to go or not to go. I would like to ask a question about service monitoring of parks in the city of Moscow. Whether the service will be in the future to develop, at least this summer, and will there be any improvements in this service? Service standards, they can be used, I would like to know about its further development.

– We will continue this service because it is convenient, popular, a large number of people are turning to this service. Of course, despite the positive dynamics of the pandemic, we understand that the virus will be present for a long time, if not forever, you still need to be careful. And of course, we must look at the workload of the parks, don’t try to get into a situation where these or other crowded venues to be careful. This service will help more evenly distributed to Muscovites in the parks and squares, to see where too much density of people, so as not to risk once again his health.

– Another issue of popular. I was surprised that this question was asked when was the height of the pandemic. Mr Sobyanin, could you tell me where in Moscow it is planned to start mass events, holidays, festivals? We understand that we may not have the time, but when?

– We consider this possibility in July, not before. Of course, I want to return to our festival sites and colourful festivals of the city because full city life today seems to be bad without it. But, in my opinion, while it is still early to make. So let’s see how the situation will develop, and in July will return to this issue, let’s call the exact date.

– Lots of General questions: when? Starts with this is “when”. When is the city going back to his life? In the last few weeks, I’m on duty the service went on some construction projects, and we are the builders said we had some time to sit, to wait until the situation improves, but they still lost the month who’s who and a half. In your opinion, will it be possible to make up for what they lost, to return to the pace and to perform the tasks which you, by the way, put in front of them in the beginning of the year?

I hope that the bulk will fail, quite possibly some slight lag. It would not, in my view, a fundamental, critical. Today we see that the volume of housing per semester is approximately half of the plan, although there are some problems. This applies to construction large large infrastructure projects such as roads, metro. Construction of the metro and we actually did not stop. When such epidemiological situation, still there are problems with the supply of construction materials and organization of work with people who are exposed to risks they had to karantinirovanija that the infection does not spread. All this is objectively constrained construction. To say that the epidemic does not affect the construction of the largest or most important objects, — it is impossible. But I see the desire of builders to catch up, and including in the commercial sector, even taking into account the fact that the President announced a number of measures to enhance mortgage, this is especially true of large cities, the volume of mortgages increased significantly. I think it will be a good incentive to our building stood. It is an important sector of the economy. In the end the housing market of Moscow buys 90% of Muscovites, so housing for them, for loved ones, in order to improve their housing situation, still must be a large building in Moscow, to meet the demand of Muscovites. Of course, construction in the areas of renovation are also important, I hope that on the basic parameters we will fulfill all the tasks, and the fact that we can’t handle, we’ll catch you next year. That’s right.

– Sergey Semenovich about big construction projects. Interesting to know, when will the reconstruction of the Paveletsky area and the routes the trams will be running?

– to be Honest, this is one of the largest long-term construction of Moscow. And not because the builders are to blame, and that is not just the area, this is an investment project. You know that we have a huge number of investment projects have closed, including on the square near the Belarus station. And just made it the Park and the square. Unfortunately, it did not work. The area near Paveletsky station was intended was for the construction of underground shopping Mall. And this investment project was laid, and laid even in Russian banks first, and foreign. There were arrests by the international courts, then the Russian Foundation for bankruptcy and so on, that is, he did under the courts, to approach him was impossible. But, thank God, this period has passed, there was a clear investor, approved the draft layout of this facility, the project itself. Builders came on the scene. I hope that by the end of next year this project will be implemented. And trams, of course, will go. About five tram routes, new trams will go, including, I think, is the 38 th route. The longest route up to Perov — will also be restored. So be sure the transport scheme, the entrance of public transportation to be renovated and as comfortable as possible for passengers.

– Sergey Semenovich, so there will eventually be? Shopping center?

Yes, the shopping center will be, but it will be minimized to the extent possible. And, of course, is the transport hub for passengers ‘ convenience. On top is a good area beautiful with landscaping.

– I would like to continue with the phrase that you said in the beginning, when the pandemic began, when you called on Muscovites to stay home, not go to parks, visit cultural events, which back then was held, you said that you it is unusual to do. Usually you, on the contrary, spoke to all – do not sit at home, and guests of Moscow said – come more in Moscow. That’s what I mean: when Moscow will be more ready to accept tourists full?

Is, of course, the paradox is that when I asked everyone to stay home. Many Muscovites with disbelief I listened to: something goes too far, perhaps, this should not be done. Come on, we better go for a walk. When I say now, now can walk, the situation is improving, many are now saying, no, he’s probably doing that, but the situation is much worse than he says. Such inertia is present when such drastic changes in public life, epidemiological situation, constraints, and so forth, is a natural process. We even to normal life, it would seem that today is a normal life, seems unusual on the background of the last three months of isolation, so to her, this ordinary life, we also need to psychologically adapt and get used to it. As for tourist flows… You know that from 1 July the country opens the holiday season. In Moscow we are still a lot of things will limit, although the travel Agency, office work, restaurants, shops, this is one of the most attractive for tourists of chips. But, nevertheless, we have a set of organized groups in order that they went, walked around Moscow — limited. And the most important, as we have already said, for tourists are very attractive, a major, beautiful colorful events, festivals of the city. While they do not work, of course, that the tourism industry fully recovers. Let’s hope that soon this will happen too. I wish everyone success, health to all. Once again I say: take care of yourself and be careful, despite the positive dynamics, still help to further were also positive, every week, every day, improving indicators of the coronavirus that fewer people were hospitalized, are less seriously ill at we had to make it easier doctors. Good luck to us all and health.

If you allow, one more question to ask, It is another tourist attraction points, which it may be, many people have forgotten, and many foreigners did not know. I’m talking about North river terminal now I want to ask. Recently there was the shooting, spoke with the restorers. All the work they have already done, in principle. As the builders, you can dust wipe something to finish, of course I have, but they will have time in September to do. You say you want to fill this area with new meanings, new content. What do you then mean that with the development plans, of course?

– You remember the depressing area that was there. Such tortured berths polarity, poor environment, the court, which stood there, was not connected to communications, the area was uncomfortable for walking. Today we are doing a good, great waterfront, provide opportunities for children to play, for children’s walks. Combine the whole area of the waterfront Park North of the station, surrounding areas that also are improved and formed into a single cluster. Next to the pool. There will be things to do. The station will fully work. All the quay walls have been repaired. Deepened the fairway, which runs nearby. The building of River station – fantastic in itself and fantastic from the point of Russian history, the history of cinema. This is one of the symbols of Moscow, it will be restored, too, will live a full life. There will be cafes, restaurants, on the one hand, on the other hand, will perform the transport function, as expected the river station. I hope that in September we’ll get it all done.