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Sergei Sobyanin reported on the regular lifting of restrictions

Sergei Sobyanin reported on the regular lifting of restrictions

a full House on the summer terrace, the beginning of rehearsals in theaters, the first visitors in museums and zoos. This is only a small part of the discoveries of this week. The discoveries and future perspectives of remote work, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin told in an interview to TV channel “Russia 1”.

the Fact that up to the pandemic seemed ordinary, now like a feast. And let the waiters while wearing masks and gloves, but between tables the allowable six feet. On the opened summer terrace cafes and restaurants was not available. Many are booked a month in advance.

“I thought that this process will last at least a month. People still must be wary of the situation. It is still relatively disturbing. And we understand that the virus is still functioning in Moscow. On the other hand, would like to have the city restored his face. Summer terraces, cafés have become an integral part of the city’s urban structure. But what happens, is much beyond expectations of restaurateurs. Today the restaurant business in recent days, the volume has already reached 65 percent of what it was before the pandemic, before all the restrictions. So, I think there is no doubt that in the next month the public catering in Moscow is almost completely recovered,” — said Sergey Sobyanin.

this week have reopened libraries, museums, exhibition halls and zoos. Theaters in the capital started rehearsals. Actors, two months, seen only in video chats, while on stage in masks and prepare for the most long-awaited meeting with the audience.

“I talked with the actors, for them it is still a huge step. It’s one thing to sit at home, and the other to go still on the scene and begin to create, to rehearse, to prepare for the new theatre season, it would still be open. We support the theatre sector, our Moscow theatres, ensuring the payment of wages. Even though there’s a huge drop in budget revenues. We due to the budget closes this gap, to theater employees receive the same salary as before the crisis,” — said the mayor.}

During the isolation of hundreds of thousands of people had to work from home. This format proved to be convenient not only for employees — no need to spend time on the road, but also for employers — manage to save money in rental of premises. A Moscow company is still not back in the office.

“Especially now, when we come out of this Coveney history, if possible in the office to keep udalenku — it is necessary to maintain in the coming weeks, maybe even a month or two still further. Still recommend the office centers or enterprises that can operate on remote, it is better to do so. In part, this will include all in our ordinary life. As far as I know, the deputies considered the changes to Employment law, which also prescribes the process or the technology of distance”, — said Sobyanin.

Despite the removal of many restrictions, morbidity dynamics remains positive. Daily from COVID-19 cured approximately two times more people than infected. Growth of new cases per month has been reduced four times. But those numbers began to grow, it is important to observe safety requirements.

“every week We print thousands of beds from the market, redesigned them back in planned care, clean, wash, cook to a normal life. This week will be made also the decision on transfer to normal work another 3 thousand beds, because they are half-empty. The same gives the picture and the work of our CT centers, which at the peak was diagnosed about 5 thousand persons and about 2,5 thousand were given the diagnosis that it Covina pneumonia. Today it is 5-6 times less than at the peak. Of course, it’s important to keep a mask mode in the subway, in public transportation, commuter trains, buses”, — said Sergey Sobyanin.

on June 21 in Russia celebrate the Day of medical Rbotnica. In recent months the whole world to truly appreciate the role and importance of this profession. Congratulations and those who provide emergency, planned care and those who fought for the lives of people in difficult conditions of a pandemic.

“it is Important not only in equipment, not only in the walls, the main thing — the Golden hands of our doctors, nurses, in their soul, attitude and professionalism. With great pleasure I congratulate and thank on behalf of Muscovites, for their dedicated work. I wish them happiness, health, good mood. Well, we hope that will finally defeat the pandemic and the problems that fell on us”, — said Sobyanin.

Thanks to the work of doctors, time deployed infectious hospitals Moscow returns to normal life. Next week will open kindergartens, playgrounds, recreation centers and pools. And the Registrar will renew the registration of marriage in solemn atmosphere: with the exchange of rings and Mendelssohn’s March.