Sergei Sobyanin: to enter the mass event is too early

Sobyanin told the TV channel “Russia 24”, that in Moscow the growth of people infected with coronavirus has decreased 3-4 times, but the risks remain. He made other statements.

for a second month, starting from may 7 in Moscow, an improvement associated with coronavirus: decreases the number of detected infected, more rarely, the diagnosis is pneumonia, and reduced mortality. This is what has allowed us to proceed to the next stage of the lifting of restrictions. Someone could develop the misconception that all rules are abolished one day, on Tuesday, in fact, this gradual work has started on may 12.

“We are not all open, we said that 16 th and 23-th, mass events carried generally in July, all stretched into two months. Remember, when we entered, it was almost simultaneously? And leave two months. And then look, how these or those measures worked,” explained the mayor.

But the virus is still with us, but because gloves and masks also remain a part of life as a safe distance. So during a walk in the Park not to be in a huge crowd, on the website created a service that shows how many tourists gathered in one way or another green area. The inhabitants of the metropolis waiting for the opening of cafes and restaurants. The city government is discussing with business doctors and sanitary rules, which will allow you to work safely for the visitor.

Sergei Sobyanin said: “the Business expressed concern that these will become requirements, that it will be more expensive in such conditions to work. Therefore, we create such platforms to discuss these measures, that they were the best.”

As the metropolis, business is returning to normal life gradually. Changed the structure of trade: the fallen retail sales, but wholesale grew more and more Muscovites make purchases online. In Moscow adopted a package of additional measures to support entrepreneurs. The mayor explained: “in Addition to the measures that have been taken on the Federallevel, we have introduced four packages of business support. This applies to the rental of premises deferred tax on property, real estate tax, preferential loans, subsidies for interest rates. All this draws at least 80 billion rubles of municipal support, and the business actively use these mechanisms”.

Back, the hospitals established for combating coronavirus, save for the case that will happen in the autumn a second wave of disease. Although the situation in the capital is progressing better than in the regions, to impose a quarantine for visitors to Moscow will not. However, to reach a mass event yet. They will be neither on Russia Day this Saturday or the Victory Parade on June 24. If you have the opportunity to work on udalenke, refuse it not worth it. A time when you have to protect yourself and loved ones, not yet passed.