Sergey Pryadkin re-elected President of the Russian Premier League

In Moscow hosted a meeting of the Assembly of clubs of the Russian Premier League, which adopted a number of decisions. RPL President Sergey Pryadkin was re-elected for a new five-year term.

According to the League bylaws, the meeting extended the powers of Sergey Pryadkin for another 5 years. Ptacin in charge of Russian Premier League in 2007.

it was Also decided on the format extension of the elite division of Russian football from 16 to 18 clubs. “I voted for “smooth” (without playoffs) of the championship, but the expansion to 18 teams. The majority of clubs for 18 teams, but there are those who are against. What season will it be introduced, will be discussed later with the RFU. You need to remember about the existence of the national football League, the PFL. It is necessary to approach to licensing,” said Sergey Pryadkin RIA Novosti. Also reformed the Cup of Russia.