Serron on the fight with McGregor: as a fighter I'm stronger than Conor

One of the strongest fighters of the American League of the mixed single combats of UFC Welterweight champion Donald serron nicknamed “Cowboy” is confident in his superiority over the Irish by Conor Magregor, ex-champion of the promotion in two weight categories.

“do I Feel better as a fighter? – quotes Cowboy Serrone edition of MMA Fighting. – Absolutely. I feel that I was in the trenches, and large battles. I passed it many times. This is my 51st fight in MMA. In this regard, I have done more than anyone else.”

While serron previously claimed that McGregor will be very difficult in the lightweight division, and now they all will fight in his native Donald Welterweight. The fight will take place on January 18 at UFC 246 in Las Vegas.

Speaking about the category selection, the Cowboy said, “It was the idea of Conor. We have picked up speed, trying to get down to 155 pounds, and he said, “let’s do it in 170 minutes”, and I agreed. For me, it never mattered”.

According to Serrone, the only problem with which he wrestled when he was in the Welterweight category, is that many of the opponents were large: “I Have now 177 or 178 [pounds] is equivalent to the fact that you can eat what you want. I think that Conor chose this weight because he wants to enjoy life, to eat and drink, go to bars and have fun. So I don’t blame him”.