Ukrainian rocket hits residential buildings in Russia – Kremlin reports seven dead and numerous injured.

In the Russian border region of Belgorod, a multi-story residential building was reportedly badly damaged in an attack. The Russian agencies Ria Novosti and Interfax reported this unanimously on Sunday, citing emergency services on site. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov blamed the Ukrainian army for the shelling. Photos of a destroyed building from which an entire block of apartments was torn out were published on social networks. There was initially no official information about possible victims.

As the Telegraph reports, at least seven people are said to have died in the attack and more than a dozen were injured.

According to the media, people could be buried under the rubble. Missile alarms had previously been triggered in the region that borders Ukraine, which is under attack by Russia. As a result of the war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia’s border region is also repeatedly under fire. However, victims and damage are not comparable to the consequences of the war in Ukraine.