In a match of the regular championship of the Continental hockey League Cherepovets “Severstal” on the ice arena “Tondiraba” in Estonian Tallinn beat the Finnish “Jokerit” with a score of 5:2 (1:1, 3:1, 1:0).

the winner of the match goal was scored by Yuri Trubachev (3rd minute), Bogdan Yakimov (24), Dmitry markovin (26), Egor Morozov (40) and Yegor Yakovlev (49), and in the Finnish team the goals were scored by Petri Kontiola (9) and Peter Regin (24).

it is Worth noting that the Russian team striker Kirill Kapustin has chalked up three assists, and his teammate Alexander Petunin scored two assists.

“Jokerit” has interrupted a victorious series of five matches with 63 points and is in third place in the Western conference, and “Severstal” it is located in the tenth place, with 43 points.

In the next match of the regular championship KHL cherepovchane on Tuesday, January 14, will play with Yekaterinburg “Motorist”, and the team from Helsinki on the same day to meet with Podolsky “Vityaz”.