One of the most famous parodist of the country Vladimir Vinokur in “Destiny of man” remembers that his calling found in childhood, but first came to the Kursk mounting College, and in 1967, when I was in Moscow, in practice, tried to get into GITIS. However, after three rounds of passed creative Vinokur still cut – on the essay.

Then he decided to go audition for ensemble “Song and dance” of the Moscow military district. There he listened and learned that he could still lead the concerts took. There winokur passed and military service, and two years later was admitted to GITIS.

Then, being a University student, he trained at the Moscow theatre of operetta and met with Tamara and 19-year-old girl who played in the same play with the distiller. He was already 26, and Tamara long called him “You”.

winokur did not give up – persistently wooed Tamara, and one day she proposed him to get married. However, fictitious. The girl said that he had consulted with mom, and they decided to help the talented artist to get a Moscow residence permit and to stay and work in the theatre (which in those days without a residence permit was not possible).

Vladimir was promised the Duchess that would become famous and wealthy man and their marriage is not fictitious.

So it was: together they have 45 years. Tamara with him all these years was not easy, so he wants his wife to put a monument in life and looking for that place, admits with irony winokur.

Offended Tamara, in particular, that for many years the husband went to Breakfast at my mother, who lived in a neighboring house. There, the artist moved Anna Yulevna after his father’s death.

winokur was very attached to his mother who passed away a year and a half ago. She was 96 years old.

as requested by the mother of the son before leaving this world? Who was the first parody Vinokur, and how famous persons reacted to them? Who gave the first radio twhen still unknown parodist? The secret to a good marriage artist?

this is not only Vladimir Vinokur says Boris Korchevnikov in the “Destiny of man” on TV channel “Russia 1”.