each broadcast “Vesti Nedeli” tell about the exploits of our physicians. But this time is a special story. Recently, almost all the population of the village Karsun of the Ulyanovsk region buried 19-year-old Svetlana Yurieva — volunteer medic. Fourth-year student at the medical College worked as a volunteer of the campaign “We are together”.

Even when in the beginning of may she went to the hospital where she was put cancer the fourth degree and go home, because the tumor was already inoperable, the girl continued to help those who so badly needed help. Until then, until the forces have left her. On may 22, already lying Svetlana Yurieva was taken to the hospital. A true hero.

Those who are treating and helping in a deadly epidemic, should not remain unknown. The doctors, sisters and nurses, volunteer doctors deserve the most wholehearted people’s appreciation. Their dedicated work for Russia is vital, and in this battle could not be unknown heroes. Deserves grateful memory of each story of aid and rescue.

that is why the largest Agency “Russia today” at the end of may launched an online protest, “Please, breathe!”, supported by the Ministry of health of Russia, all-Russian public movement “Volunteer doctors” and the Association of volunteer centres. The General partner of the action — RTR.

“Please, breathe!” — the usual words that we hear on the doctor, now we want to draw by doctors as a wish of health. Doctors of different professions and volunteers, nurses, medical assistants and orderlies, the ambulance now more than ever, the right words of support and gratitude. And our campaign gives you the opportunity to tell you about my Savior all over Russia.

Send your gratitude to the doctors and the photos themselves — of course, with the permission on the portal From June 8 the action starts on the very popular information reLas Runet

Thanks to the doctors already come from all over Russia — from Magadan to Volgograd, Yaroslavl and from Pavlovsk to Aksai district of Rostov region and the village of Chemodanovka near Penza. From June 8 they already can be seen on

And remember the Covenant of teacher Karl Ivanovich from “Childhood” by Leo Tolstoy: “of all the vices is the most grievous ingratitude”. So get rid of him.

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