In Moscow was held a rally “Rays of Victory”. The sky was illuminated with several hundred lights located on Poklonnaya hill, Kremlin embankment and Moscow University.

the Rally recalled the events of 75 years ago. June 24, 1945, after the legendary Parade of the winners, Moscow was adorned with festive illuminations night. There were five rings of lights around the Kremlin, the Boulevard and Garden, as well as at stations and District railway.

a Wave of light passed across the country from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. In memory of the great Victory of the rays of searchlights lit up the sky over dozens of cities. Joined the action including supplies. There are five antiaircraft searchlights and 72 light guns mounted in three locations around the city, in the squares of Victory, of Heroes near the monument to Tank.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the night sky illuminated 12 spotlights, reports channel “Russia 24”. In addition, the city of the Kremlin wall emerged a large-scale projection of the ribbons.

the Action took place in the city-hero of Tula. The spotlights lit up the sky over the city’s Kremlin. And on the towers and walls were shown light projections.