She did a terrible thing: historian Sokolov threw a tantrum in court

the Oktyabrsky district court of St.-Petersburg for a week postponed the study of physical evidence in the murder of historian Oleg Sokolov of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko. The reason for this decision was the correspondence of the teacher with his lover.

Monday, June 29, held a meeting, during which Oleg Sokolov was literally shouting. Historian emotionally demanded to make public his correspondence with Anastasia Yeshchenko. According to him, people have the impression, as if the murdered woman is “pure and innocent girl.” While Sokolov drew attention to the fact that the student did a terrible thing, and the public should know the truth.

the Teacher believes that the court can act under media pressure, which is beneficial to its negative appearance. The lawyer of the defendant Sergey Lukyanov agreed with him demanding the maximum transparency of the process, reports “Interfax”.

the Judge made a comment to Oleg Sokolov, because he did not comply with the order during the meeting, raised his voice and told her to stop.

the decision on the format of the study protocols physical evidence the court will take when there will be the final position of the victims.

Tragic and notorious incident took place in November 2019. Oleg Sokolov was caught red-handed when he tried to drown in the Sink part of the body Anastasia Yeshchenko.

As it turned out, 63-year-old historian shot 24-year-old lover of small-caliber shotgun, and then began to choke. The body of the murdered man had been dismembered.

About two weeks ago in the Internet appeared the video, which depicted the fight Sokolova and Eschenko a few hours before the murder. Supposedly the frames are able to demonstrate that the historian was in a stressful situation for him.