She urged Twitter to review the approach to the locks

the Russian foreign Ministry called on the U.S. Internet services to stop “to play the role of censor.” This was stated by official representative of the Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the blocking of the account of the project “Leader of Russia” and other Russian pages and blogs.

“We still call on American Internet platforms to rethink their approaches, to cease to play the role of censor. Both his domestic audience and foreign”, – said Zakharov on the briefing, which was broadcast channel “Russia 24”.

Zakharov was also reminded of the account block of the project “Current policy” allegedly due to “political propaganda”.

“Apparently, the leadership of the social network believes that any media and blogs, including those specializing in politics, have no right to speak on political issues? she said. Or just have this resource opinion was inconsistent with the General line of Twitter?”

According to her, the administration of the social network “once again demonstrates the opacity of assessment criteria”. Zakharov stressed that the leadership of the social network even does not explain the reasons for the lock.

“Instead, generally sound in principle, unsubstantiated language, she said. – As if defending democracy, registered in the U.S. pad use undemocratic, totalitarian methods.”

the foreign Ministry spokesman added that the administration of the social network very selectively approaches the blocking of accounts: any breach on the part of users of “promoting anti-Russian agenda and spreading disinformation” are ignored.

As reported on 16 June, Twitter blocked a thousand Russian accounts. The administration of the competition “Leaders of Russia” sent to the leadership of the social network, the request about the reasons of blocking your account, but received no response.