Shooting and stabbing: in the United States attacked the parishioners in the Church and the synagogue

two attacks per day — in the Church and synagogue in the United States. The attacker opened fire in the Church during the service in Texas. And in new York city armed with a knife man broke into the house of the Rabbi.

Sunday morning. The parishioners of the Church in the us state of Texas gathered for the morning service. The prayer was interrupted by the sound of gunfire. Reacted instantly – on the attackers returned fire, shooting and parishioners, and security. Eliminated criminal 7 seconds. However, the man still managed to wound two. One of the victims died on the spot, the second in the hospital.

“I heard the first shot, I thought I felt the smell of gunpowder. My wife fell on the floor, and I closed it myself. That’s all I could do. I just wanted to make sure she was OK,” said John Richardson, witness.

a few hours before the crime, on the other end of the country, there was another attack – and also on religious grounds. In the state of new York during the celebration of Hanukkah 37-year-old Thomas Grafton with a knife stormed into the house of the Rabbi near the local synagogue.

“a Man came immediately after the celebration, so that most, about half the guests had already left. The Rabbi was not in the room, and we all ran. I saw it immediately. Turned around and saw someone holding a big knife,” — said Joseph Gluck, a witness.

the Attacker managed to injure five people and fled the scene. Two in serious condition.

“Thank God, nobody was killed. The miracle of Chanukah, the miracle that nobody died,” says Israel’s witness.

the Attack on the Jewish community commented in his Twitter the President of the United States Donald trump. He urged to fight anti-Semitism.

Where sharply expressed, the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo: “This is domestic terrorism. People who intend to cause mass violence and sow fear on the ground of race, colour, religion. This ethere’s a definition of terrorism”.

Over the last week there have been a series of anti-Semitic actions. As reported in Department of the NYPD for the investigation of crimes of hate, they are admitted to the signals of the eight episodes that occurred during the period from 13 December.

all in All, as the head of the new York police Department Dermot Shea, this year the number of crimes of hate in new York increased by 22%. Overall, this year has been for US a record number of mass attacks occurred 41 the incident, the victims were 211 people.