Shooting in the apartment of the model: the quarrel ended with the deaths of three adults and a child

state of emergency in the North of Moscow. In a residential building heard the shots. The police had to take the apartment, where there was a shooting, assault. There are four known victims. Among them a child.

it All happened on the seventh floor of a twelve-storey odnopodezdny house. At about three o’clock residents heard a loud noise. But no one imagined that it could be the shots.

“the Sound was loud. I mean, I’m sitting, working in the headset, heard. That this shots, I realized when we went out on the balcony when he heard the last two shots,” says the resident of the house Oleg Milchenko.

Neighbors called the police. When investigators arrived at the scene, became known the details. In the apartment, from which came the sound of gunfire, resides 23-year-old woman, her mother and three year old son . According to neighbors, the woman they call Lisa came to her friend and started to sort things out. And then pulled a gun and opened fire.

“the woman Shouted, — remember the neighbors. — Then, after 25 minutes, he did not open the door. Then the police broke down the door. And one of them shouted see the corpse.”

In that moment, when the police were inside, the shouting and the gunfire stopped. The apartment is a terrible mess — all over the floor things. But living there was gone.

“According to investigators, the afternoon of June 18 at the apartment of a house located down the street Priorova in Moscow, discovered the bodies of two women , men, and young child with gunshot wounds. At present investigators and criminologists establish a full picture of what happened,” said senior assistant head of the Main investigation Department of the Russian Investigative Committee in Moscow Julia Ivanova.

According to neighbors, the couple recently broke up. But the young man kept trying to restore the relationship. Wrote messages in social networks and left under the door the flowers. On June 18 he came to his former girlfriend, armed with a hunting rifle. Followthe users have seized video from surveillance cameras. In the yard next to the house was left in a parked car killer. It found the case from “Saiga”, a shovel and an ax.

“the Prosecutor’s office will be checked for execution by responsible persons of requirements of the legislation on licensing and permitting work in the sphere of turnover of weapon, including a license control on the results,” explained the head a press-services of Prosecutor’s office of Moscow Lyudmila Nefedova.

a criminal case under article “Murder of two and more persons”. But regardless of the outcome of the investigation, to hear the accused and serve the sentence imposed will have no one.