Shot in the face, started a fire in the court complained in Novokuznetsk Kuschevka

the cause of the shooting in the magistrate court of Novokuznetsk will take the investigators from Moscow. They have to establish a motive 45-year-old local resident, who took up a gun, killed a bailiff and wounded a woman who was a witness in his case.

According to preliminary data, the suspect named Artem Bakalov, and he had previously appeared in the news. So, in August 2018, the alleged shooter, Chairman, SNT “Hope”, almost got under the wheels of the tractor so his neighbors at their summer cottage in the village Kurtukova tried to resolve the protracted conflict due to the failure of children’s bicycles. In the end he partially damaged the house and the buildings near it, and the case is reclassified to “Threat by murder” and “Destruction of property”.

“kuschevskaya stanitsa rest! In Novokuznetsk tractors crush of people. It is insane not even dreamed of!” — I complained earlier Pakalov.

What would have ended this story, the big question — the parties called for reconciliation, but they resisted. On January 16, was assigned to another hearing, but this magistrate was not satisfied Bakalova. He went outside, pulled out his machine gun and headed for the building. At the entrance he tried to stop the bailiff, but to no avail — the attacker shot him in the stomach. He then returned to the courtroom and opened fire on 43-year-old woman (presumably, Tatiana Gorevoy), gave evidence. When Pakalov was reloading his gun, he was arrested.

the bailiff died of massive blood loss on the way to the hospital, the injured witness now performed the operation, she has serious wounds to his face and legs.

investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of murder and attempted murder. To a scene sent experienced forensic investigators from Moscow — that they have to deal with it.