Even a cursory glance at the facts says that men’s soccer and women’s soccer must be two different sports. There is no other way to explain why the American Alex Morgan is considered the best-earning soccer player in the world with an estimated four million euros a year; and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo comes to 125 million. Especially not why a Bundesliga player earns 40,000 euros per year; and a Bundesliga player 50,000 – per game.

The interest from around the world and the footballing skills of the men justify that they get more money. But they don’t justify the exorbitant gap. The transfer summer confirms the impression that the transfer fees and demands from the stars are out of this world.

As if Corona and the economic consequences had never existed. This is exactly what the clubs and associations have often complained about. It would be easy to bring more realism to their trade. Men’s salaries down, women’s salaries up a little. That would benefit the sport, i.e. everyone.

The author used to want to be a Bundesliga goalkeeper. Today he is glad that things turned out differently.

Abby Wambach’s dream goal in USA’s 2-1 win against Brazil will never be forgotten. She just flew in, hit the ball with her head in the net with the unconditional will to win. It was the quarterfinals of the World Cup!

We had had euphoric weeks since the opening game in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin in front of 70,000 spectators. At the time we firmly believed that a great era in women’s football was about to begin.

But eleven years later, Germany seems left behind, with a few thousand spectators watching the Bundesliga. And that’s not because of the amount of the title bonus, which was raised to 60,000 euros by the DFB for the European Championships in England, nor because of sponsorship contracts, but because you can’t get the spectators carried away.

But the equal pay movement was initiated by the most successful national team in women’s soccer, Team USA. So no new German stardom bubble, please: In 2011, the German team thought they were superstars even before the first goal – because of one or two lucrative advertising contracts. To this day, no one has recovered from the disillusionment.

The author scored her dream goal for DFC Kreuzberg with her head against Iran.