Of course it’s the women who carry the children, but we should all do and get more. Children can be annoying, even angry, and they take away a lot of freedom in the first few years. Nevertheless, the same applies here: the more, the better.

Because on the other hand, they give us and everyone else something that cannot be compensated for with parties or missed one-night stands. They are proof of love, source of love and love sponge. A perpetuum mobile made of love. A “Dad, I love you”, a “Mom, you are the best thing there is” are the greatest thing in life.

Children are the human hope that things will continue. That everything will be fine in the end. If everything were meaningless, then I wouldn’t want to have children. And I feel every day that it makes sense. Building Lego. Reading Harry Potter. When I’m sitting on the terrace with my wife and once again stumbled over a piece of Playmobil that I had left lying around.

The author’s children are even funnier than he is. For example, when they say “Bussi, kisses” to the postman.

Since freedom always also means being able to say no, there is actually little to discuss at this point: no, women shouldn’t have more children unless women want that. And since you can never generalize about “women” can judge, the question already aims at nothing; every woman makes this decision for herself. It cannot, should not and must not be taken away from every single woman, because it is highly individual and, above all, requires no justification. Low birth rate or not.

And then there would be a completely different hurdle: the structures simply do not allow you to decide in favor of motherhood with a clear conscience. The compatibility of family and career has been preached by politicians for ages, but it never came true. As long as it is not ensured that women with children can live exactly as if they had none (a privilege reserved for men), especially in their professional opportunities, the question of whether women should have more children is unfounded.

The author has referred to children as “freedom killers” before.