Show two sickles: June 19, Moon for half an hour will cover Venus

In the morning of 19 June, the inhabitants of almost the entire territory of Russia will be able to observe a very interesting astronomical phenomenon: “the show is two sickles”.

At 11:42 Moscow time the aging Crescent of the moon will “cover” Venus, and in four minutes it will shut completely.

Venus will not be visible approximately 35 minutes. Already at 12:22 it will start to come out from behind the lunar disk of the moon.

Then it “serpik” will continue their journey through the daytime sky, and from June 22, Venus will be out at the morning sky and the whole summer will make us happy already in the morning, according to the website of the Moscow planetarium.

Watch this beautiful astronomical phenomenon will be clear over the southern horizon, to the right (West) of the Sun.