Showers with thunderstorms and hail are expected in Moscow on Sunday

Moscow and the Moscow region today, expect rain, showers, hail and squally wind, according to the Center weather PHOBOS. The weather of the region will have an impact approaching from the North, a cold atmospheric front. It is expected North wind 3-8 m / sec. The pressure drops in the evening the barometers show 742 mm Hg, which is below the norm. A day in the capital will be +28 degrees.

In the suburbs of the wind can reach 20 metres per second — an emergency warning about a thunderstorm with hail and wind have been circulated by the MOE. Will remain hot weather, up to 29 degrees.

the Ministry of emergency situations recalls that during a thunderstorm should not swim in ponds, run and ride a bike. The wind shouldn’t be near trees and rickety structures.

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