App “Social monitoring” will send requests photos for confirmation of mode isolation via SMS. Further communications will be completely replaced by push notifications which are sent to users and now. The innovation reported on the website of the mayor and government of Moscow.

Minister of Moscow government, head of Department of information technology Eduard Lysenko said that some users disable push notifications apps and not see that they have received a request for a photo. To people in time saw the notice about the need to take a photo, he will receive SMS. After receiving the message, the person must within the hour to go to the application “Social monitoring” and take a picture.

Lysenko drew attention to the fact that SMS comes to the phone number specified in the consent to receive medical care at home or the resolution of the chief sanitary doctor. Also in the updated application an opportunity to alter the picture if he didn’t work the first time.

Earlier it was reported that “Social monitoring” to abolish the plan because it fully fulfills its function.

the Capital’s residents have repeatedly complained that they are not properly cope with their tasks. For example, twice received a fine woman-an invalid, confined to bed.

the “Social monitoring” allows residents of the capital who are quarantined, stay home and report the fulfillment of the regime.