Six people were injured during a fire in the Udmurt mental hospital

Six people were injured in a fire in a psychoneurological dispensary of the Udmurt Republic. The incident occurred on the evening of December 31 in the city of Glazov.

As the Republican investigative Department of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, all the victims were hospitalized, the fire is extinguished.

“According to preliminary version, the fire occurred as a result of Smoking one of the patients in bed, in violation of the requirements of the regime of stay in the orphanage,” – noted in management.

At the scene investigators, they began to interview staff and seize documents of interest to the investigation. The issue of the appointment it is judicial-medical and fire-technical examinations.

According to RIA Novosti, as a result of the fire five people were poisoned with combustion products, another suffered burns.

In the MOE, meanwhile, reported that the fire originated on the second floor of a three-story building in the area of 20 square meters. From the premises evacuated a total of 500 people.