Skhodnya threatens an environmental disaster: the river flooded with debris

Residents of the Krasnogorsk district of the Moscow region need to check the legality of works on the banks of the river Skhodnya. Nights out there were pulled until failure of the loaded trucks. Dumped soil and construction waste. To find out who’s behind this, people had to organize a vigil.

a String of trucks under cover of darkness enters the water protection zone of the river Skhodnya. What’s inside the body, it is not clear, too dark. The trucks can hold 20 tons of cargo, dumped the contents right on the beach.

By morning the truck is getting more residents block traffic.

“a Huge number of trucks. I tried to count to four in a minute. We stop them as they can,” complains Irina Lazy.

This site has bought the company “Specialized management of installation works”

Documents have any work in this place?

– No, I do not know, do not know anything.

“are Imported, they prove to be garbage. All of this will spread in the river,” says one of the local residents.

the gangway — a tributary of the Moscow river, the main source of drinking water of the capital. Buffer zone of the river Skhodnya starts from the water’s edge and goes in the direction of 20 meters. According to local residents, the last two weeks it dumped soil and construction waste. The piles reach up to 5 meters.

Environmentalists are convinced that such a barbaric transformation picturesque coast in the trash will lead to disaster.

“debris is always a variety of substances. It can be anything: heavy metals, petroleum products, hazardous organics,” explains Elmurod Rasulmukhamedov, first Deputy Chairman of the all-Russian society of nature protection.

In terms of quarantine measures test was cancelled. This took advantage of merchants.

– as soon As began to go multi-ton trucks, the bridge has turned into some kind of wreck: sank a prop, cracked the second. Look what is happening with the road surface!

According to conservative estimates were brought here 200 thousand cubic meters of earth and household waste.

“Managed to find the owner, the documents they refused to provide,” — said Dmitry Borisov, state inspector in the sphere of environmental protection in Moscow region.

No orders for work, no urban plan of the administration of Krasnogorsk were not given.

“We understand that, apparently, they level the land for further construction. Clearly shows that partially affected the riverbed, at a time when they were doing the dumping and planning,” — said Mikhail Shuvalov, the Deputy head of the Krasnogorsk in the land-property relations.

Who had the idea to build up the floodplain and water protection area of Federal significance — and even without any documents, and now investigated by the police. The owners of the site are threatened by criminal liability, in addition they will be obliged to compensate damage to the environment, measured in the tens of millions of rubles.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”