Skiing tubing turned to the Ufa pensioner cemetery

new year holidays resulted in 13 residents of Ufa injuries. Another case ended tragically – an elderly man died. And all these incidents are connected with skating with slides on the tubing.

Most of these cases occurred in unauthorized places. A fatal case is currently the UK. The old man flew into a tree on the tubing together with her granddaughter. The girl escaped with bruises and a pensioner were killed, reports “Vesti Bashkortostan.”

a Small ski resort in the center of Ufa near the bus stop “Springboard” is one of the most favorite places for family holidays. Always was extreme, ready to descend with a dangerous snow slope air not only on the pill, but on the slopes, while such slopes are intended exclusively for professional athletes.

In other areas of Ufa’s enough natural slopes for tubing. The Belaya river embankment in sipaylovo. Recently a child almost drove off the tubing into the woods, but parents aren’t confused.

On the slope of the amphitheatre Vatan 8-year-old girl during the descent jumped on the tubing on the trampoline and landed badly. In the end, the child was hospitalized with a broken vertebra. Now the girl feels well and is recovering, but will have some time to live in a corset.

in Just the past holidays to the rescue with these injuries turned 14 people. With it, 7 of them suffered it on our places to ski.

Rescuers and volunteers conducted raids, during which I tried to explain to adults that they endanger not only themselves but also children. Someone alert takes into bayonets, but the majority of parents value the health and lives of children.