the Main hit of the Christmas holidays was the film “Serf” is about the re-education of “Golden youth” in an unusual way. In just two weeks the film was seen by over five and a half million, and cash charges are approaching two billion. “Slave” has become the highest-grossing Comedy in history of Russian cinema. As reported on the website of the cinema Fund, the film on Thursday morning, January 9, grossed more than 1 billion 900 million rubles.

“Slave” has confirmed a rank of “folk Comedy”: the first day of box office it topped the box office table, but most importantly, of course, the reviews of the people. From Khabarovsk to Krasnodar, there is no one viewer that would come out of the hall without a smile and festive mood.

Funny, wonderful…Bortech, as always, works!

– More such films in which the soul rest!

– the Film is very cool, funny. And at the end so touching! Good…For the whole family.

For a lesson in good behavior, the son of an oligarch Grisha sent in the past, Yes not simple, and serfdom. Then unfolds a classic sitcom.

there’s only one hero does not know that all this Comedy staged his desperate father and not a measure of creative therapy.

a Real discovery of the film — comedic talent of Milos Bikovich. The film directed by Klim Shipenko jokingly calls the actor “Serbian gift” to the Russian audience. Slave Gregory is a distorted mirror of the modern Golden youth — funny, sometimes — absurd, but in the end instructive. And a slight accent Milos helps the jokes to be even more memorable.

the “Slave” has everything that viewers love so much in comedies — recognizable situation paradoxical jokes, transformation of the hero and, of course, romance.

And all this in a double dose. While Gregory is learning to be a good man in the village of the XIX century with the help of labor and the realthe famous love in the ultra-modern command center of this same science understands his father in ispolenie Alexander Samoilenko. It turns out the film is literally for all ages.

“Slave” have already entered the lists of the best Christmas movies this year, and the first spectators kept that promise and continue to bring to the movies with friends and family, because this chiropractic laughter should be celebrated throughout the country.