Sledkov found: 26 tombstones in Kaluga cemetery smashed teenager

Set the identity of the vandal, defeated the grave in a cemetery in Kaluga. It turned out that a minor who is under sixteen years of age. Just destroyed 26 tombstones. The incident caused a great resonance in social circles.

the Incident happened on Trifonovskaya cemetery on 6 June. On this day, the police asked five of the victims relatives. Having left on a crime scene, investigators read about 26 damaged headstones and monuments. Then immediately Institute a criminal case, the investigation of which joined the Prosecutor’s office,

After a while, the police identified the suspect, reported GTRK “Kaluga” in the TV channel “Russia 1”. He was a local teenager. Decided to take with him on his own recognizance. Investigators have begun to clarify the circumstances that pushed the teenager into such a rash act.

Text: GTRK “Kaluga”