Super Bowl favorite Buffalo Bills has cemented their status in the NFL with their second convincing win of the season. In the first home game, the Bills beat the Tennessee Titans 41-7 on Monday night. Quarterback Josh Allen had a strong night of football, just like he did at the start against the defending champion Los Angeles Rams, finishing with four touchdown passes and a total of 317 yards in the air.

Stefon Diggs caught three of the touchdowns, catching a total of 148 yards of passes. “We had some people with incredible actions, Stefon Diggs was incredible,” Allen said.

There was concern over a head injury to defenseman Dane Jackson, who collided with a Bills teammate in the second quarter and had his neck visibly craned backwards. The game was then suspended for almost ten minutes. It became noticeably quieter in the stadium, some Bills fans prayed for the player in the stands. Jackson was eventually taken to a hospital.

An exact diagnosis is still pending, but his coach gave at least a slight all-clear after the game. “Dane Jackson has full movement in his extremities which is good but we’re still awaiting further updates. I was able to see him in the ambulance at halftime and we send all our prayers to him,” said Sean McDermott.

In the second game of the evening, the Philadelphia Eagles won their home game against the Minnesota Vikings 24:7. Quarterback Jalen Hurts was man of the game with three total touchdowns. He got two himself, and made Quez Watkins’ one possible with a pass. In total, he threw for 333 yards. The Eagles are one of just six teams in the NFL who are undefeated after two games.