Slutsky responded harshly to the accusations from the player

the head coach of Kazan “Rubin” Leonid Slutsky commented on the words of his former ward in “Vitesse” by Roy Behrens, who said that Russian specialist took him a year of football. According to mentor Kazantsev, cause a spot in the starting lineup striker became lazy and excess fat.

“He lost a year because of their own laziness, greed and incompetence. Besides, he has long been a 22 per cent body fat at a maximum rate of 14. He was removed from the structure because of the unwillingness and lack of professionalism”, – quotes Slutsky Sport24.

he Also said that Behrens was offered in the summer to break the contract and leave for free. But he refused, deciding to train with the second team. “If he really wanted to play, and could leave the “Vitesse”, the coach said.