Small business turnover recovered to 88% of pre-crisis level

Small and medium business in Russia is recovering quickly: turnover of retail outlets and services increased to 88.2%, calculated an it company “Motor”, the operator of more than 650 thousand of online banks in Russia.

the prices for services was almost unchanged in may compared with April. According to Rosstat, the prices and tariffs for services in may 2020 rose 0.5% (in may 2019 — 0.4%), and non-food goods rose by 0.3% (in may 2019 — 0.2%). Overall inflation in may has not exceeded 0.3%, including food (0,2%) compared to April.

Almost 2 months in the country were closed Barber shops, service stations and travel agencies. Eventually formed a pent-up demand of customers for services to small and medium businesses, which accelerates the recovery despite the fact that almost a quarter of retail outlets in the country still does not work.

thus, the revenue of travel agencies and ticket offices in the week from 15 to 21 June increased 1.5 times. The total turnover of retail outlets the retail business for the week increased by 8.9 percentage points compared to the previous one and amounted to 88,2% from the beginning of March, when it began a rapid spread of the pandemic. The number of operating outlets increased by 4.5 percentage points to 76.1% from pre-crisis levels.

the service Sector is growing faster

the service Sector is recovering faster due to the large demand of clients, which at the time of the restrictions could not use the common services. Revenue of dental clinics has increased over the week from 72.5% to 91% from pre-crisis levels in March, and beauty salons ― from 72,3% to 88,3%. The beginning of the holiday season led to sales growth of travel agencies for a week from 39.3% to 63.1% and the ticket office ― from 39.7% to 60.3 percent. The law firm has increased turnover from 48.5% to 78.1% from the beginning of March, the insurance Agency from 69.5% to 98.5%.

goods Trade is growing more slowly. The revenue of shoes grew from 64.6% to 74.4%, cosmetics ― 54,8% to 62.8%, bookstores — from 38.2% to 49.5%. Revenue of Shoe stores has decreased from 78.7% to 72%, clothing shops ― from 79.2% to 76.9%.

In Moscow, the proportion of small enterprises increased to 71.4% as trading volume. In St. Petersburg the proportion of outlets reached 59.2 per cent and a turnover of 78.2 percent.

the highest proportion of working outlets at the end of last week was in the Crimea at 90.7 per cent. In 11 regions the turnover of the business exceeded dekorativnye values: the Ryazan region, the Republic of Altai, the Leningrad region, Kurgan region, Mordovia, Mari El Republic, Tambov, Kirov, Lipetsk, Omsk and Belgorod regions.

In General, the level of openness of the economy of regions of Russia in June increased to 93.8% from dekorativnogo values, estimated by the Ministry of economic development. About 6.2% of jobs in Russia remain under restrictions. In late April the economy of the regions was maximally closed: almost 28% of jobs in the country were subject to restrictions.