the shooting of The video with the Smartphone, are the ghosts just like in the Photograph: on the one Hand, provided in the manufacturer’s Apps are optimized for the respective Hardware, on the other hand, special photo and Video lure Apps with functions outside the mainstream.

Filmic Pro for iOS and Android is one of the most famous, for movies optimized camera Apps; it allows, among other things, the manual setting of the exposure parameters.

the function to change the resolution, it is already useful. Because in low light, the Smartphone manufacturers resort to the Trick, reduce the frame rate (fps) and to extend the exposure time to reduce image noise. However, with increasing activity, the images become blurred more and more. In addition, only a few cut handle programs with these files that were recorded with variable frame rates.

as soon as you Take Filmic allowed, occasion, or project in a suitable file name; the individual Takes will appear numbered in the table of contents of the storage medium. Where the files are stored, whether the App internally or in the Video-system directory that defines the basic settings, together with the parameters such as video resolution and audio quality. Depending on the Hardware limits established Filmic in reduced resolution higher frame rates to choose from – sometimes even up to 120 full-images, for slight slow motion.


Filmic also offers features, the stylish filmmaker: about the Peaking, it shows where the focus lies – or “Zebra”, indicates the very bright areas of the image. On request, Filmic shows instead of the time code, a histogram or a Waveform graph. On top of that, there is either a automatic or manual white balance, accompanied by the usual Presets.

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In the case of automatic exposure, rotate the round measuring area on the Display to slide to an arbitrary Position in the image. If you tap a second Time on the measuring circuit, is fixed to the measuring position. A swipe of the finger from the left side calls up the manual image settings, where you can the ISO sensitivity and exposure time change. Each one of them can lock to change to the other value.

In a similar way, one defines a four-sided, movable measuring area of the focus point. By a finger swipe from the right edge of a virtual Schärferad appears; a double-tap allows to determine two-Marker, such as an automatic Focus. Not quite as elegant the Audio section is: level indicator and volume Adjuster can make use of rather fiddly.

A match for Filmic named Cinematographer Kit provides a special kind of film look, Gamma-and Color – coordination, as well as Log color profiles. It is via In-App-selling for 11 Euro.


Even if the App is for a purchase price of up to 17 euros is relatively expensive compared with other Apps of this kind of Filmic provides sophisticated features that are otherwise more akin to the professional class. Whether in automatic or manual mode: All functions work as expected.

Filmic is quick and intuitive to use, as a result, the App reliably delivers a good quality. Not least, the manual setting of exposure and focus and the type of operation lift this App from cheaper Video Apps.