Smoke on the landfill: a landfill in the suburbs caught fire during reclamation

At the solid waste landfill “Tsarevo” in Pushkin for a few hours I had to stop work on the restoration. I lit one of the sites.

the Fire occurred after heavy equipment removed a layer of soil. Flashed an unknown substance. Over the dump rose a thick column of smoke that was visible within a radius of several kilometers. Workers urgently evacuated. Arrived on the scene ecologists and MOE staff. Experts took samples of the waste, which became the reason of state of emergency, “Vesti-Moscow”.

As reported by the Deputy Minister of ecology and nature management of Moscow region Paul Bida, “in parallel was called the laboratory of Rospotrebnadzor, which has carried out the necessary measurements of atmospheric air in the nearby settlements and the location of the people.” According to him, the maximum permissible concentration of chemical substances were found.

at this hour the fire completely extinguished. Works on recultivation of the landfill resumed.