Smolensk volunteers went badly crippled Mukhtar

GTRK “Smolensk” in the framework of the project “Find a friend” today talks about affectionate and sociable dog Mukhtar. At the time of human brutality almost cost him his life. The timely assistance of the volunteers helped the dog to survive.

Mukhtar brought to the volunteer center “Caring for animals” in the winter. The dog was badly injured — multiple bruises, fractures, missing teeth. And then, a series of surgeries, months of recovery and now the dog wagging the tail.

Olga Danchenkova, volunteer and curator Mukhtar said: “Now surely the dog walks on three legs. About the fourth great questions. She is very well adjusted to people, despite how many survived. Understand everything from the first word, need to talk with her”.

Now Mukhtar lives with volunteer Anna. He is active and sociable. Already accustomed to life in the apartment. He was about 2 and a half to three years. Zoodefenders hope that there will be a kind and helpful man, who will take Mukhtar in his house.

Text: GTRK “Smolensk”