Smoothies and fresh juices: the nutritionist told who can and how to drink

Fresh juices can be beneficial, but only under certain rules. In addition, there are fruits and vegetables, the juices of which people with certain medical conditions either should not drink at all or drink them in small amounts.

the TV channel “Russia 1” dietician, doctor of medical Sciences Michael Ginzburg has commented on the recipes of the viewers, who were told what and how to make juices and smoothies.

In particular, one of them told me that when she had a stomach ache, she began to drink cabbage juice, and she helped. Besides, she has better skin and she threw a few extra pounds.

the Doctor said that cabbage juice is very powerfully stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and increases the acidity.

So if a person has the acidity of gastric juice, a superficial gastritis, the cabbage juice may aggravate peptic ulcer disease.

However, if a person has gastritis with decreased secretory function, which manifests as an unpleasant heaviness after eating (indigestion, indigestion), in this case cabbage juice, stimulating acidity (secretion) can help digestion.

Michael Ginsburg also noted its beneficial effect on the skin, as in cabbage a lot of anti-inflammatory factors that have a beneficial effect on the skin, improve metabolism and rejuvenate it.

cabbage is Useful for the heart. But in this case it’s better to drink in its natural form – in the form of a smoothie or in a salad because of its nutritional fiber improve the condition of the vascular wall.

Another TV viewer said that hooked on beet juice, and began to feel better.

the Doctor warned: beet more than any vegetable juice is rich in sugars. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful of people with sugar diabetes, low blood pressure and those who take medication to decrease it, since beet juice has the same property.

dietitian advises lwe can help you beet it is better to take it in the form of puree – not pressing because pressed just the most useful.

in addition, the doctor says, in vinaigrettes and soups beet is softer.

“People are often seeking to be treated, can take large doses of beet juice – a glass or two. This can not be done,” warns Ginsburg.

In General, using juices and smoothies from fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to do it right: to dilute it with water to avoid too much sugar; add back the pulp that was pressed, and drink slowly through a straw, because many of the juices is acidic and can erode tooth enamel.

Informed dietitian told about the benefits of nettle soup or salad which helps to relieve stress and strengthen the immune system.