Snusa want to outlaw not only in Russia but also throughout the territory of the EurAsEC

the So-called snzy — a special mixture in which no tobacco, but there is the lethal dose of nicotine should be prohibited throughout the community. This was stated by Dmitry Medvedev.

Arrival of special forces in this tobacco shop Ryazan was not expected. But the operatives know what they are looking for. Under the counter one by one take out the little jars. In them — grinding a mixture with nicotine, known as snus.

Packaging striking — especially to attract children and teenagers. And consisting of: cellulose, propylenglycol, soda, salt and nicotine. Minors that chemistry is almost sold everywhere without question.

the Solution to the problem emerged at the Federal level, engaged in the government.

In the CPS complain about the gap in the laws — because snus is not smoke, and resolves in his mouth, and technically is a food product.

“why do We have such a food product? Need from behalf of Russia to give the initiative to the Eurasian Board and just this product, interdict, and throughout the EEC, because we have no borders and if it were in another country, this stuff will still be imported,” — said Medvedev.

Try yourself to spend control purchase. Adult buyer is of course not denied.

Here in the center of Moscow you can buy. Box. Inside unpleasant to the touch and sharp-smelling sachets. Them powder, is impregnated with nicotine. From the use of snus destroyed teeth, sores appear on the gums. But thanks to aggressive advertising on the Internet, a mixture of popular among students.

“She sold everything, anyone? — Absolutely no limitations. — Could any kid could go and buy, and immediately start to get used to this nicotine?”, — said Medvedev at the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova.

“In one of the sweetie contains nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes simultaneously. And eating 5 — 6 such candy, if the weight of a person is not more than 40 kilogram per, it is almost a lethal dose,” — said Popov.

Concerned parents sometimes do help the staff of the CPS to find sellers. Kazan is not a dealer nicotine long denied.

the money drugged Teens even began to build underground factories. Across the country held raids, seized a million cans, 13 criminal cases. Shady business goes online, but the catch there.

“is placed only over the weekend 400 sites which are selling these mixtures. Our units went to the Roskomnadzor for the court order blocked”, — informed Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

the Seized products revealing crushed by bulldozers. But so far for the sale of dangerous chemicals threatens only an administrative fine. However, there is a proposal to introduce such activities criminally responsible.