Snuse: the first death, the basement of the shop and the Ukrainian apparatus

alarm message — in Russia recorded the first death from snus, variety of nicotine mixture that dissolves in your mouth. Among children, fatal fashion spread with unexpected speed. The sale of snus is prohibited in Russia only in the form of chewing tobacco. However, chewing gum or lozenge with a dose of nicotine in several times higher than in cigarettes, for some reason, can buy one. In December in the state Duma received a bill that aims to ban the sale of nikotinsoderzhaschie mixtures. It seems that the question is urgent.

Stoned rubber bulb cigarette “spit” poisonous mixture. The precipitate is sent in a flask with water, add a drop of indicator in the crimson liquid nicotine dissolved. Poison to humans. This school experience is not only about cigarettes. With nicotine stuffed now sell candy, mint pads, chewing gum — anything that engages children.

In one gram of loose snus contains from 5 to 20 mg of nicotine. It is at least 5 and a maximum, 55 times more than in the strong cigarette. In addition to tobacco flavors and flavor enhancers added to the mixture synthetic or conventional drugs. Chemical examination of several samples of discovered Mac. Narcotic additive for quick adjustment. Once tasted, is hard to resist.

In the Urals in the composition of the nicotine mixture experts have found arsenic. Children poisoned fruity lollipops.

“Poison our children, just destroy Because their hooked on snus, then to him it was easier to move on to heroin, other hard drugs,” — said Stanislav Goryainov, member of the Public chamber of the Rostov region.

At 12, she smoked my first cigarette, at 13, the friends were treated to a beer. Then there was snuse, pharmacy drugs. Already the year of Lena lives in a rehabilitation center: no phone, no Internet and old friends. She is now 15 years.

“I liked dolls, I liked to watch the cartoonICA. I studied music and dancing. But then I suddenly became too lazy to go there. I gave it all up because there it is necessary to cross the road. It’s so difficult,” — says the girl.

She dreamed of becoming a rock star. But childhood fantasies dissolve in a heady cloud of cigarette smoke. Yellowed keys of an old piano more didn’t appeal to her. From a student slipped in Troickiy. Got into bad company.

“the companies you’re standing with a cigarette. I thought I was tough. When you offer with all the snus, you take it”, — says Elena.

she Is now my life changed my mind. And the concept of “to be cool” appeared a different value. It coincided with Tatiana says quite Mature. In life without drugs is much more interesting.

“in Using any such substances that we don’t show his coolness, on the contrary, it seems to me, show their stupidity, that in 17 years we don’t know what they negatively affect our health,” — says Tatiana.

In a white coat she sees her calling. After graduating from specialized Lyceum with chemistry and biology, will enter the medical Academy. 11 “B” to this many tend. And nicotine they do not the mischief — experimental material.

“This is a very stupid and bad in 17 years, it’s still early to do it and try to ruin your body for real. This also leads to memory impairment, and worsening of everything. Full depletion of the body,” said Sergei Vlasov, a pupil of 11 “B” class of the Lyceum №11 Rostov-on-don.

the reflection in the mirror less resembled Egor adequate person. And he was only 16. He quit school, left home. “I started to mumble, because my throat just burned. And looked scary. It sounds like a joke, but really it’s terrible,” said Yegor.

Chewing tobacco were treated to classmates. When doses of nicotine was not enough, he moved on to salts — a synthetic drugTIC. All the time thinking about one thing: where else can I get money?

“I once offered to work as a distributor. First I painted on the walls, graffiti in the form of advertising narkomaania. Then proposed to increase to go to become zakladka. Sometimes gypping mom. Stole from the wedding ring. It is 20 thousand worth, and passed over the 7”, — says Yegor.

After a year of treatment Yegor himself became a volunteer. And now explains the other: the descent into the abyss begins with pads — 40 rubles apiece. So individually they are sold in tobacco kiosks.

Fifth-grader, 2nd school of Sterlitamak paramedic carried on the hands. The boy became ill in the dining room during lunch. First weakness, nausea. The school nurse’s office could not help. The symptoms are not recognized.

“Snus approached him, he swallowed in intensive care got,” said his classmates.

This case was discussed in the school chat. The child had been poisoned snus. But the Director now denies everything.

Doctors do not comment, the parents went into denial. They claim that their son is a good boy, is football. Poisoned walnuts. But in school after PE installed cameras. Just in case. With students held educational talks.

“there are No forms some light, as most focus anyway. The child may die after consuming snus”, — said Anna Myslivcova, a child psychiatrist, psychiatrist.

Nicotinic compounds have declared war, but victory is still far. In the shops the so-called snzy — in the free market. When the door appears the police, the seller is hiding under the counter.

Such raids take place every week. Indicative burn one batch, but the next day another arrives.

What is this mix, I don’t know Swedish manufacturers of Snykov where supposedly are supplied. We contacted the company that produces chewing tobacco. From the answer it follows that the Russian market forno bid. It’s all cottage industry. Local.

In underground shops mixed unknown ingredients are sealed in bags and sold under the guise of “made in Sweden”. Firms register on the nominees. In Smolensk the production was recorded on Sergey Golubkov, who lives in the village Anastasio.

We found this man. “I’m an alcoholic. I drink every day”, — said Sergey.

On the website classifieds, you can find interesting offer: a Moscow businessman offering units for sale Snykov. Six cars have already sold. Maxim recommends installing near schools and hostels. Then you can recoup the investment in a month. Aggregates collected in the Ukraine and illegally trafficked to Russia. When we go with the camera, our chatty consultant from his words, refuses.

16 days on the heart-lung machine. With severe cardiomyopathy, he was taken to the intensive care unit of the regional hospital. Six months ago he switched to the nicotine mixture, so I wanted to quit.

One bundle, the second, the third heart failed. He is healthy, physically strong young man who played sports.

Now the nicotine mixture is still outside the legal field. While deputies are trying to legitimize bans, this creeping epidemic slowly killing children.

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